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Standard range of measurable forces:

from 10gf to 31.25kgf

Customizable on request to: 1gf; 5gf; 50kgf; 62.5kgf.

The forces are managed by means of load cells with high sampling frequency (20 bits at 1 kHz) closed loop control, which ensure unequalled precision even at very low loads and are managed without inertia with guaranteed accuracy.

Test cycle:

fully automatic hardness calculation to minimize human errors

The test cycle is fully automatic: after the fast autofocus, the indenter generates the indentation, the lens completes the optical analysis and the hardness value appears immediately on the PC monitor. If connected to a robot, the “automatic pilot” function allows the hardness tester to operate in total autonomy, without the need to be manned.

Management software and optical analysis: Vx Image®

XM70-D1 is one of our top-of-the-range instruments. It features a powerful software that thanks to the processing of the image based on an algorithm developed entirely by Axiotek allows fast and accurate optical analysis even on test specimens with less than optimal surface finish.

Intuitiveness and ease of use are two important aspects our approach: we have followed the “less is more” principle to guide you in the execution of the tests, without renouncing to advanced functions for the more experienced users.

  • Touch focus: to activate the autofocus function irrespective of the position of the head, ensuring maximum operability and minimum error;
  • Dynamic collision avoidance system: ensures a safe assisted emergency stop to prevent damage to the machine and operators;
  • User management with different levels of access to the software settings;
  • Dynamic zoom with high definition vision;
  • Image cleaning: to improve the contrast of the indentation in case of poorly polished samples;
  • Hardness value calculated in automatic or manual mode;
  • Silence ensured by the technology of recirculating ball movement;
  • Basic and advanced statistical processing functions;
  •   Data export and backup, with results also stored as image. All data collected during testing can be saved as .pdf, .xls, .xml, .txt, and .csv files, depending on the format needed for further processing;
  • Possibility of direct connection with process or project management software (like ERP programs), through further customized applications;
  • Creation and printing of customizable test reports with logo and company details, values and comments, photographs of the indentations analysed (using any printer connected to the system);
  • Possibility of combining a barcode scanner to scan sample barcodes, making all the information relating to the product immediately accessible at the time of testing.

Computer system

High-performance PC with pre-installed optical management and analysis software.

  • Integrated Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10®;
  • Keyboard, mouse and 24" Full HD monitor included.

Optical acquisition

  • Turret: 6 positions, with automatic transmission;
  • Maximum protection of lenses and indenter, with "retractable" system inside the measuring head;
  • High quality optical lenses for optimal observation of the indentations
  • Energy-saving LED lighting for natural colour vision;
  • 5Mpx USB 3.0 high definition camera.

Movement of the test sample

the positioning on the support base can be achieved manually or through external manipulators, such as anthropomorphic robots. No further movement required: it’s the measuring head that automatically “searches” for the test sample.


  • a Vickers indenter
  • 4 lenses – 5X, 10X, 20X and 40X-
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