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Functionality and beauty

"So that our design always promotes the productivity of your company, and our curiosity is the answer to your questions."

We are passionate about our work and want to make your material testing experience sublime.

We know how to push our limits through constant research in the sector: for us, experimenting and exploring means improving our production and our measuring instruments to help make your business unique and valuable.

We offer the functionality and precision of our products, but also beauty, pleasure and comfort during use. We are convinced that a hardness tester should not only be functional, but also beautiful. Yeah, beautiful! Aesthetically pleasing, original, innovative.

Innovation that is not only part of the technology, and which we constantly seek, so that we can offer you a better interaction with the hardness tester, helping you to make the most of your available time.

This is why we take care of every single detail of our instruments, because we are not satisfied with what is offered on the market. We always want the best for you: the functionality of a technologically advanced hardness tester combined with creativity and an elegant, refined and ergonomic design. A measuring instrument that is also a pleasure to look at and use.

Our values


Because we have always believed in the true meaning of the word “innovation”. For us, it’s more than just offering new technology.

Innovation means listening to your needs and creating a hardness tester that meets them. Innovation is flexibility when faced with your demands, always guaranteeing high technological and engineering standards.


Meaning functionality and harmony in the interaction with the measuring instruments.

We want your work to be streamlined and simplified. That is our goal.


Because what we design and produce is the result of years of study, research and experimentation.

Pragmatic years indeed, during which we have learned to contribute to enhancing the productivity of our customers, always looking to the future and combining innovation and tradition.


Because we’re here to listen and advise you. We are not interested in selling anonymous, standardized measuring instruments. We are here to understand what you really need, and only then design and build the right hardness tester for your needs. Over the years, we have always established trustworthy relationships with our customers, which is why we like to call ourselves partners rather than just suppliers. Axiotek is a synergistic ecosystem of people, not machines and calculations.

Made in Italy

Because we believe in the strong connection between technology and Italian creativity.

Both are important and indispensable in the design and construction of valid and efficient instruments.

The technology guarantees the reliability and precision of the hardness tester, while the Made in Italy creativity ensures empathy and comfort of use.

We answer your questions

Axiotek was created to answer your questions, to think and design what you have not been able to find so far, but always wanted to discover in the vast world of hardness testers for metals, non-metals, plastic and rubber components.

  • How many times have you looked for measuring instruments and settled for what was on the market without much conviction?
  • How many times have you felt lost in such a complex technological-engineering world and failed to find an answer to your questions?
  • How many times have you used instruments that are not intuitive, difficult to handle, and aesthetically unappealing?

At Axiotek we think, design and manufacture functional measuring instruments, easy to use and with an original design, strictly Made in Italy. Elegant, visually powerful and timeless instruments.

The pleasure of testing new ways

We are a group of men and women driven by results. We are explorers, pioneers, adventurous testers of new ways, because we never stop and we are not satisfied with what we have learned so far. For us, every goal achieved is always a new starting point that brings new questions to ask ourselves, new issues to address in order to improve our instruments, our way of doing research and design.

We have chosen to never be satisfied with what we have, to not sit still and be still. We have chosen to go forward, to always go further, by virtue of a creative and design freedom that puts us in a condition of constant growth. We love learning and discovering more about what’s around us, grasping new opportunities that we might not otherwise be able to see.

In the field of measuring instruments, it is imperative to be able to look beyond what is already available, to reach new heights even if never explored, to risk with determination, to look ahead with a careful eye to the past, to what we have experienced, because only in this way can we experience the true satisfaction of discovery. This makes Axiotek a fixed point, but never still, in the world of material measuring instruments.


Call us

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