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Material hardness test and quality control

The hardness measurement has to be able to positively integrate into the productive processes in order to optimize and improve the production.

If you cannot measure something, you cannot improve it

William Thomson KelvinEnglish physic and engineer

Technology has made leaps and bounds in this, but innovation often brings along the complexity of usage of some instruments, because the skills needed in order to use them are complex.

That’s why innovation for us means both investing in a constant R&D (that led us to deposit numerous patents) and enhance the design of the hardness tester in order to let you perform the hardness measurements more intuitively and in a more comfortable way.

As a matter of fact, we are the only ones on the market that have implemented the concept of industrial product design in the measuring hardness world.

Some of our projects for hardness test signed Axiotek

Find out the story hidden behind some of our projects in order to understand what leads us to implement some of the characteristics that have today become standard features in the line of Axiotek hardness testers. 

These are stories often born because of specific requests advanced by some clients (such as heat treatments, luxury enterprises, aerospace and even Universities), some others are the result of a close partnerships with industrial product Design specialists. 

See firsthand our research in the industrial product Design field applied to the material hardness

XM3000 is a universal hardness tester (to perform Brinell hardness test, Vickers and Rockwell Hardness test) with a patented Axiotek design that we developed inspired by that of racing cars, to offer you an ergonomic, comfortable and easy grip while testing hard materials that are often bulky and with a complex geometry (like conical samples, for example). 

 Here are some of the implementations in detail:

  • The control buttons are positioned on the back of the display just as the gear shift in sports cars
  • The touch screen on the side is provided with a 360° movement, in order to provide an optimal vision even when the hardness test is performed on bulky samples
  • The height adjustment function of the panel assures a universal usage, because it follows the height of the worker.

See firsthand how much we innovate technologically in material hardness testing

XM70 is a Vickers instrument that we have developed collaboratively with important heat treatments businesses.

In these environments, settings patterns (otherwise called multiple patterns) and welding tests is commonplace. However, the production environments of this type are challenging for the conditions to which the durometer hardness tests are subjected.

The Vickers hardness test (all HV hardness scales) and vibrations do not go hand in hand, the ISO 6507 and ASTM E384 standards keep highlighting that.  But the truth is that often the productive environments are not able to follow these conditions strictly: the reasons are many.

And it’s in order to meet this impossibility that our R&D team developed a powerful software that is able to focus properly on the diagonals of the indentation hardness even in presence of vibrations during the whole measurement test cycle.

See for yourself: in the video we simulate big vibrations moving heavily the support table.

 The repeated movement does not impact greatly on the automatic detection of the indentation left from the durometer hardness test, giving back an always accurate hardness values both on harder materials and softer materials.

The values that you’ll always find in our types of material hardness instruments


Because we believe in the strong connection between technology and Italian creativity. Both are very important and essential while designing and building effective instruments for measuring all hardness of the material: both metal and plastic. 

Technology assures reliability and precision of the hardness tester, while the Made In Italy creativity  assures an ergonomic and comfortable use.


The experience on the field of over 40 years that Davide Affri has brought to our company allowed us to create a strong synergy with our clients.

Since we are first of all designers and builders of hardness testers, we are able to listen to your necessities and offer you an efficient solution for measuring the hardness of a material.

We offer you all of our skills in order to give you a 360° support pre-sale and after-sale: as a matter of fact, we are a certified Accredia ISO 17025 (LAT N.316) adjustment laboratory, for Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell measurement scales.


We are engineers, designers, IT creators and some of us even professors.

The heterogeneity of our skills is our strength point for a steady R&D both in the informatics and mechanics-engineering field for all hardness test methods (from Rockwell, Brinell, Shore hardness tests to the Knoop and IRHD ones).

We are actively cooperating with important universities, such as the Politecnico di Torino, in order to always keep up with the latest technological innovations to be applied to different methods of measuring the hardness of materials.


We see the design as synonym of graceful aesthetics, but mostly as synonym of functionality while using. 

We want our measurement instruments to be easy and intuitive to use both on the hardware and software side. We believe that if innovation isn’t made simple in its daily life, it becomes less exploitable and implementable in the industrial field.


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