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The DX 833 Shore hardness tester is intended for performing Shore M and AM scales in a fully controlled manner: the test cycle is in fact electronic and automatic.

Suitable for all polymers, elastomers, rubbers and gel-like materials (such as plastics, rubber, medical items, paper and sponges) of small to medium size and complex geometries.

Full compliance with the standards of reference, including: ISO 48-48, ISO 868, ISO 21509 and ASTM D2240

durometro shore m/am DX833

Why choose a Shore benchtop hardness tester?

durometro shore m/am DX833 con corretta perpendicolarità e ortogonalità del penetratore rispetto al campione

It eliminates human influence during the execution of the test, therefore ensuring greater accuracy of results.
Due to the correct perpendicularity and orthogonality of the indenter with respect to the sample, which only a benchtop hardness tester or support can guarantee, the accuracy of the Shore hardness value is significantly improved (see ISO 48-4, part 4, para. 6.3)

durometro shore m/am DX833 con controllo elettronico della velocità di discesa

It maximises the reproducibility of measurements thanks to the electronic control of the probe descent speed: the DX 833 Shore hardness tester can in fact program values from 0.5 mm/s to 16 mm/s.
The load application time and speed are in fact two parameters that the ISO 48-4 standard identifies as contributing to the reproducibility error. This is why, it becomes essential to be able to control them electronically through the Shore hardness tester.

Thanks to the extensive kit of dedicated accessories, it can be used to measure objects with complex geometries.

Shore hardness: guaranteed regulatory transparency

The decision to design a benchtop instrument instead of a portable one is no accident. The standards for the execution of Shore hardness tests speak for themselves:

  • The ISO 48-4 standard recommends an application of 250 g for the Shore AM scale. The application of this force can hardly be guaranteed manually by using the instrument in portable mode.
  • The ASTM D2240 standard requires an exclusive use of the Shore M hardness scale with a benchtop hardness tester, as it calls for mandatory mm/sec control of the descent speed of the probe.

Choosing the Shore M/AM hardness tester with DX 833, means to rely on full regulatory safety with the full support of 100% Italian technology.

Test the repeatability and safety of DX 833


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