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We take care of your work

A comprehensive support: from the hardness testers supply to training and maintenance

We like to think of our hardness testers as companions for your work. Providing constant and reliable support, always at your side to contribute security and precision to what you do.

That’s why we leave nothing to chance when designing our instruments. We are talking about numbers, measurements, data that must be safe and reliable, because your company is a guarantee of professionalism.

We support your work in a constant, technologically advanced, but also human way. We don’t just provide standard services, we offer you services that are targeted, attentive and able to clarify doubts and critical issues.

Our services








Calibration of measuring instruments

The calibration has the purpose of making sure that the measuring instrument is working correctly. Our offer, which always includes routine maintenance of the hardness tester, includes:

  • Calibration with issue of Accredia traceable test reports;
  • Constant support in monitoring calibration deadlines.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Together with the calibration of measuring instruments, the maintenance activity represents the heart of our after-sales services: it is by providing constant and personalised support that we really take care of you and your work.

Unlike calibration centres, we do not just calibrate your instrument: we also offer maintenance services for its components.

We are first and foremost the creators and manufacturers of our instruments, and therefore we take care of every single detail. We know how to check and repair every element of your hardness tester. And for us, accurate maintenance is a fundamental part of the verification process: the only way to ensure a long life cycle for your precious work tool, avoiding unpleasant surprises and delays on your schedule.

Our routine maintenance, which we recommend that you plan regularly and appropriately, includes a complete and thorough inspection:

  • Of the forces;
  • Of the measuring device;
  • Of the indenter guides;
  • Of the electric connections;
  • Of the mechanical and electronic components.

Hardness testers retrofitting

Retrofitting is the upgrade of your old hardness tester.

We completely refurbish your old hardness tester using advanced technologies. We then proceed to assess the conformity of the entire system with the international reference standards, thanks to our hardness tester calibration service. The final result is an updated hardness tester, both in its software and its mechanical and electrical components.

Some examples of hardness tester retrofitting performed by Axiotek:


The analogue dial is removed, followed by the installation of the electronic panel with integrated software for instrument management, determination of test times, statistical data processing and export of results. This is completed by the maintenance and calibration of the instrument.


Addition of camera and computer with software dedicated to automatic optical analysis of the generated indentations, statistical data processing, export of the results in various formats and creation of customizable test reports. This is completed by the maintenance and calibration of the instrument.

Hardness tester support and repair

The direct line to our highly qualified staff guarantees a rapid solution to any problem, minimizing the risks and costs caused by any production downtime. And thanks to our strategic position, we are able to easily reach most of the industrial areas of northern Italy.

Since our instruments are entirely made in Italy, we have the necessary spare parts and skills to carry out any repair on our instruments (and not only) in a very short time.

And we are not just talking of calibrating hardness testers and measuring instruments, but of a real complete service:

  • Technical support with immediate on-site intervention;
  • Technical support through remote instrument check;
  • Repair of any faults or malfunctions;
  • Refurbishment and recommissioning of the hardness tester.


Thanks to the experience gained with some of the most prestigious research institutes in the field of metrology and engineering, we can offer targeted and exhaustive consultancy services. This is our starting point in fulfilling your requests: listening to you.

  • Telephone and video call customer support exclusively focused on technical and commercial issues;
  • Identification of the most suitable measuring instrument and test method through on-site demonstrations;
  • Preliminary technical analysis for the realization of customized solutions;
  • Consultancy for measuring instrument calibration and retrofitting.

If you only need to perform sporadic hardness tests, we can carry out the measurements in our labs for you: hardness tests for third parties with issuing of test reports can be carried out quickly for the main types of tests (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Shore, IRHD).

Instrument installation and training in its use

From our laboratories directly “to your home”. We give you the instrument and, through comprehensive training, we help you to discover it and to get to know it step by step:

  • Packing and transport service;
  • Installation and testing of the instrument;
  • Support in defining calibration deadlines;
  • Training courses on use and maintenance activities, complete with attendance certificates;
  • Refresher and advanced training courses reserved for qualified laboratory technicians.

Hardness tester hire

In case of temporary hardness monitoring requirements, we can offer our products for hire, with the possibility of extensions or purchase at the end of the rental period. The instrumentation supplied comes with accessories and hardness tester calibration certificate.

In case of special work that requires us to keep your hardness tester at our premises for extended periods, we offer a replacement hardness tester hire service, allowing you to carry out all your material control activities using a replacement hardness tester with similar properties and characteristics.

Our values


Because we have always believed in the true meaning of the word “innovation”. For us, it’s more than just offering new technology.

Innovation means listening to your needs and creating a hardness tester that meets them. Innovation is flexibility when faced with your demands, always guaranteeing high technological and engineering standards.


Meaning functionality and harmony in the interaction with the measuring instruments.

We want your work to be streamlined and simplified. That is our goal.


Because what we design and produce is the result of years of study, research and experimentation.

Pragmatic years indeed, during which we have learned to contribute to enhancing the productivity of our customers, always looking to the future and combining innovation and tradition.


Because we’re here to listen and advise you. We are not interested in selling anonymous, standardized measuring instruments. We are here to understand what you really need, and only then design and build the right hardness tester for your needs. Over the years, we have always established trustworthy relationships with our customers, which is why we like to call ourselves partners rather than just suppliers. Axiotek is a synergistic ecosystem of people, not machines and calculations.

Made in Italy

Because we believe in the strong connection between technology and Italian creativity.

Both are important and indispensable in the design and construction of valid and efficient instruments.

The technology guarantees the reliability and precision of the hardness tester, while the Made in Italy creativity ensures empathy and comfort of use.


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