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It's a pleasure to meet you! We are Axiotek

An all-Italian company, result of the enthusiasm and expertise of several people in the design of measuring instruments: those instruments that have the specific function of measuring the properties of objects (metals, non-metals, plastic, rubber).

Axiotek was conceived following the need to dive into the 4.0 technology, feeding on a generational experience of over 65 years.

We are...

engineers, experts and researchers. But first and foremost, we are men and women who are passionate about their work, because our most ambitious goal, our most important challenge, is you: to promote the productivity and the growth of your company.

We believe..

in listening, and the passion for what we do is the driving force behind all our projects. For this reason, we design and build custom software and hardware solutions for the hardness testing sector.

Safety, reliability and productivity of your measuring instruments

Over the years, our experience and love for what we do has grown. Today we boast extensive collaborations with prestigious research institutes, because we believe in synergy and collective enthusiasm.

We have registered our patents, including our patent no. 1428177 for L.I.S.A. – LASER INDICATOR SYSTEM AXIOTEK -, a centring system with laser pointer developed and patented by Axiotek, which allows us to identify the exact point where the hardness tester will perform the hardness test.

We know that our sector of activity is not easy to approach, which is why our goal is also to make the use of the hardness tester more interactive and empathetic. In your business, measuring instruments are a guarantee of safety, reliability and productivity. It is therefore necessary to know them and to be able to use them in a simple and intuitive manner.

Unique and meaningful connections with those who choose us

Clients who place their trust in us know that they can relax. They know that our priority is to listen to them and design exclusive and unparalleled measuring instruments.

It is important for us to reiterate that we are not just suppliers: we care about your business and your time, we know the importance of providing you with the right tools for what you do; for what you produce.

We’re not interested in selling an anonymous mass product. We are interested in selling you “your” hardness tester: the instrument specifically designed for you, for your needs, for your work. We like to understand you, make your great project our own, solve your doubts, show you the many features of what we offer. We establish unique and meaningful connections with those who choose our services, because we believe that there are many suppliers, but few of us truly love your work.

The ideal hardness tester

For us, there is no one-size-fits-all product and no standard way of making measuring instruments. For us, building the ideal hardness tester to meet specific needs means optimizing your time. To do this, we constantly invest in research and development, never settling for what we already know, but always moving forward, relentlessly pushing ourselves, exploring new territories, that will amaze us all.

Working for years in the field of measuring instruments, there is one thing that we have understood more than any other, a priority aspect that needs to be considered even before any technical issues: it is the hardness tester that must adapt to you, and not the other way around.

In order to be really efficient and decisive, our instruments must adapt to your needs. The hardness tester must be part of an already existing and tested production system. There’s no point in settling for an anonymous instrument that doesn’t fully reflect your needs. We would consider this to be a waste of time.

And we know how important your time and activities are. Axiotek was established precisely from this need: to ensure a high level of customisation of the measuring instruments, in order to optimise production times and processes. Because it’s always about you.


Call us

+39 0332 1892847


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