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AXE-440 Rockwell hardness tester

For high-volume production environments

Designed to perform Rockwell, Surface Rockwell, Plastic & Carbon tests, and to generate Vickers and Brinell indentations.

We have designed AXE440 to be your right-hand man in any test condition, always complying with the international standards, including ISO 6506-2, ISO 6507-2, ISO 6508-2, ISO 2039, ASTM E-18 and ASTM E-103.

Smart automation of the test cycle

The hardness value is just a click away: the Software – with proprietary algorithm – detects the indentation generated so as to provide the hardness value that you can easily read on the display.

In any test condition: even the most extreme

The production environment puts even the most reliable tools to the test.

Dirt, oil and impurities between the test object and the hardness tester holder could easily compromise the test result. Thus making the values inaccurate.
That’s why, in our opinion, an inevitable detail that Rockwell hardness tester must have is the intelligent self-compensation system.

This is the system par excellence patented by our family tradition, which allows the execution of the test cycle even on flexible, uneven and round surfaces, especially in the presence of impurities.

No matter where you place AXE440: the test cycle is reproducible with reliable results from the first use.

Look for yourself: we did an experiment

It does not fear complex geometries

We designed AXE440 in order to ensure comfort even when measuring hollow and uneven surfaces.

Thanks to the indenter reference equipped with a 50 mm stroke, the hardness tester follows the sample to be tested, reaching the narrowest points even in case of structural flexion.
Our research and development department has in fact created a software system able to control the pressure exerted by the reference so that it is always constant.

What is the result?
The measuring head never loses contact with the test surface, thus avoiding structural failure or sample displacement. The results obtained will therefore always be precise and reproducible despite the irregular and complex geometries of the object of analysis.

Discover all AXE-440 details

To help your expert eye

On parts of objects with irregular geometry, it is not easy to identify the exact point where the test cycle will be performed.

Take for instance the teeth of a gear.

How many times should you move close and then move away the sample from the measuring head before exactly determining where the identation will perform the test?

This inconvenience could slow down the performance of the test cycle, not to mention the risk of irremediably damaging the identation if it lose contact with the surface of the gear tooth.

That’s why we patented L.I.S.A. (Laser Indicator System Axiotek) a laser centering system that allows you to identify the exact point where the indenter generates the indentation.

So you easily can get an extra help.

 See first-hand the efficiency of AXE-440:


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